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Student Success Story -Michael

Apprentice University Graduate, 2023


My Story

I came to Apprentice University after spending two years at the traditional college where I struggled. I struggled to go to class, study for tests and do homework. I thought constantly that there was no point in spending my time memorizing things that I would never use in my life post-college. 

After my sophomore year in college, I dropped out and moved to Indiana to attend classes at Apprentice University. While there, I gained experience in everything from pricing jobs for a commercial asphalt company to selling software. I learned what it takes to create and run a business, how to code computer programs, how to design one-pager brochures, and much much more. 


This on-the-job experience was very influential in the professional success I have found today. I matured in my professional life almost as much as in my personal life. The life skills I learned were priceless. 


Apprentice University is the foundation for all of my success as a confident, capable young professional in the working world. 

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